Candela connection problem


I received my Candela light today, and have a connection problem.
The only way the light will send out a Bluetooth signal, is by pushing
end keep the reset button down. (the light went on in this mode)
Then the light starts to build up the connection, and is the asking me til
turn on the light, but it is already on, as the reset button is still kept
down. If I release the button, a ‘connection has failed’ message is
shown. If I don’t release it, the light starts blinking a few times and nothing

I have made resets and tried to it connect to 7 different IOS and Android devices,
without any succes.

Please give me some good advice

Best regards Claus


I don’t think reset once is ok. Please make sure
1、Put the switch on BLE mode.
2、Open Yeelight application, connect the device, you need rotate candela to grant authorization to your phone based on the tips.


I’m facing the same issue, it’s impossible to connect to yeelight candela (tried using Mi A1 & iPhone 5S)

I don’t know if I’ll even be able to update firmware in future as my phones can’t connect :frowning:

Very frustrated by this issue