Can you cut LED Strip and splice back together?


I have kitchen cabinets and want to break the 2m strip into smaller chunks as the cabinets aren’t one continues path. I would need to create non LED 12" or so extensions between them.

My question: Can I cut where needed, splice on an extensions cable like the ones available for other LED strips online, then reconnect in the area I need LED’s and keep going until I run out. Total length is 6ft, but broken into 1ft-3ft chunks.

Something along these lines although it only addresses one side so any input is highly appreciated. Thanks!

Yes, you can cut the LED Strip then you can begin placing the strips in the areas that you desire more lighting. These LED strips tape is versatile in that you can cut them to specific sizes if you follow to the proper cutting guidelines. If you want, you can also take some help from your local electrician who can help you in attaching the light to your desired surface. As my friend also did it, but, she took help from electricians in Bala Cynwyd PA, where they had provided her with proper and specific cutting and installation instructions.

I’ve seen contradicting reports and curious whether this works?