Can we use Yeelight RGBW Wifi Bulb at 230V in Germany?

The Bulb is rated at 220V but in Germany we have 230V, is it okay to use? This is where i bought it from, is the product in this link the latest one or is there newer models? (

Thanks in advance!

No problem at all. I’m running several different Yeelight products for over a year now in Germany.

Yes, 230V will be fine.

Thank you both for your replies!

Coasterli is there going to be Xiaomi/Yeelight bulbs with E14 fitting as well? The E27 version is pretty big and using an adapter with it makes it hard to fit in most cases.


Oh man!! I bought yesterday 2 bulbs to only realise today there is a new version being releases soon!!! Why is this not being advertised on your website :confused: ??

Why would they post info about products that aint out yet? You make zero logic bro but i do understand that it sucks but hell, all yeelights are amazing and who knows that the new models will be like… maybe its not even worth upgrading due to its high price :wink: