Can´t set up the RGB Bulb

Hello people, i have a really big problem with seting up the light. It just can´t set up. The light does´nt even stop from blinking and i tried a lot of times. Don´t know what to do, i really need some help and information, please and thank you.

First, please make sure your voltage is correct. Providing a short video would be very helpful.

My voltage is 110v and can’t upload videos, just images. I will try to explain the most that I can. Well, i’ve got the bulb from Gearbest, I tried to set it up a lot of times but it just doesn’t want to work. The light never stop from blinking, and sometimes it’s blink like a disco light ( not RGB , I mean the blinking action) and every single time that I try to use the Yeelight and the Mi home app don’t complete the process and set it up manually do not work too.

Check the voltage on the package, it should be 220v only.

I didn’t know, what an error! How can I solve this problem?

You can’t use a 220 voltage device under 110v voltage supply.

Yeah i know but thank u very much