Can someone explain how "Customization" works in Yeelight app?

I’m new and have purchased many Yeelight LED color bulbs for my home. I am trying to create my own colors with Customization but not sure what “Repeat Type”, “Action after Execution”, “Frame”, “Duration”, etc. means. For example, I would just like to pick a specific K (say, 3000k) and a specific brightness, and save it for future use. How should I set this? Thanks.

I think you are talking about “customization”? That is for creating effects that change colors, if all you want to do is set 1 color/brightness/K you don’t need that - you can just set it however you want and save it under FAVORITES for later usage.

When you add a timer(Duration) for a frame, it’s called a transition timer. Suppose your frame N is stopped at color A and you add a frame N+1 with a duration X and color B, then the logic is: change the color gradually from A to B in time X, the total step the transition costs = (X / 20ms), here 20ms is the transition granularity. we dived the changes to very small step in order to make all the color changing smooth enough.

So if you add some frames for a customization, the lamp will change among these frames. And if you select “Never” of repeat time, the lamp will stop changing color when it runs after last frame while “forever” means the lamp will change repeatly. “Action after Execution” means which state will the lamp state when the changes stop.

Hi dingyichen. after reading yours and dalanik’s reply, I now understand what “customization” is for. I may use it for creating special effects when needed. As for setting 1 color/brightness/K, I want to pick a specific K and set it as my FAVORITES. But it seems that there is nowhere I can pick a specific K, say exactly 2700K or 2200K. The White spectrum screen doesn’t tell me what K I am setting. Or is there a way to do that?

Thanks for the reply. But is there a way to set my color temperature to an exact K for me to save in FAVORITES? The White spectrum screen doesn’t show what K I am stopping at.


I see. Would this be added in the future to specify a specific K? In “Customization” the slide bar will show K value and I know where to stop for a specific K. This is helpful.

you could probably send a command through API :slight_smile:

No, we don’t have plan to do that.

In most cases, the bulb will be installed behind some kind of lamp shade, even you specify some color temperature, the actual temperature will be changed a little bit by the shade, the will make the specific K useless.