Call for beta users for IFTTT and Echo


Try again please, if it’s still not working, kill Alexa app and retry. We have seen this issue before and haven’t found the root cause.


How can I get the alexa yeelight beta please I am in uk



How did you get it working?
Getting the same error message. “An error occurred attempting to link Alexa with extenal provider”
Also tried to stop/start the Alexa app as well, no luck…


I can translate it into German if you want. :slight_smile:


Already done by the community! Thank you for offering kindly help!


So there will be a easier way to control the color in the future (without scenes?)


Hi I am still waiting to receive my invite to beta test. Could you please be courteous and let me know if you are not accepting further testers. Thank you, kind regards, Venture


Did you send your request to


I also did earlier from XXXXX. Please sent me the details to participate. Thanks.
EDIT : Removed email adress


Yes I did from shall I try again or can you send it on. Kind regards Rich


Yes I did from shall I send it again or can you forward it for me. Kind regards Rich


Just applied.

Could this get added to the China Mainland server as well/could you try to unify the server possibilities? Currently one has to use China Mainland to be able to use the 1080p IP cam. Every server seems to have his own pro and cons.


Due to some policy of Xiaomi, China server is not opened for 3rd party integration.


Alright. I guess I also mixed up something. I just saw that you offer an own app, I was talking about the MI Home app.
I will use your app instead of the MI Home app then.


Hi Weiwei,

I have sent an email to your email address "" requesting for the Amazon echo beta testing software.

I would be grateful if you could send it to me at If you have the setup instruction details, please let me know as well.

Thank you.


Please refer to Yeelight Alexa Skill is officially published !
Yeelight skill is officially published, you just need to switch to Singapore server (need to reset your bulb) and then connect to Yeelight skill.


Hello Yeelight team!

I was wondering whether you were planning on adding some smarter features to the IFTTT services. For instance, turning off the lights when you leave home (not just turning them on when you enter the area).

Also, it would be very cool if there could be time restrictive conditions for these applets: for instance, if I leave to the supermarket in the midday and come back while there is still light outside, I don’t want my lights to turn on. The same applies for the “weather” function: I love that when it starts raining the light turns blue or something, but I don’t want that to happen in the middle of the night.

Keep up the amazing work!


Thanks for your advice! However, it’s beyond of our control. To achieve these features, you need to look for more sophisticated “if” condition. The applet we provide is only a demo shows how to use Yeelight service, you can definitely create your own applet by using some fancy “if” condition and the expected “that” actions.


Hi there, is beta testing now finished and the app released or to use the light do you need the beta testing email to get the link ?



I would love to test it.
I got 4x third gen dots and 15 Yeelights (bilbs,led stripes and ceeling lamps)

Ill send you a mail Weiwei!
best regards and thanks for you support, daniel! :wink: