If the lamp is turned off by the remote control or the lamp is in moonlight mode, the lamp has buzzing noise, which is very annoying.

Lamp? Do you mean ceiling light?

Yes, lamp = ceiling light.

What voltage is the power supply? 110v or 220v?

220V / 50 Hz
room temperature: 24°C

We have never get similar feedback, I think it’s individual issue. Please return and get a new one from your retailers.

I had the same problem with 450 Ceiling Light, but I solved it.
The main cause of the noise was the brown capacitor marked with a red circle.
The part was in contact with the blue part marked with a yellow circle, which amplified the noise.
Tilt the brown capacitor in the opposite direction so that the two parts are not in contact.
Symptoms have been alleviated to the point that it does not hinder the use now.

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Hhmm… Usually capacitors does not resonance. Usually it the high frequency transformer label number 3 in yellow that will produce buzzing sound. Or the inductor at the top right hand corner with some red coil. Does the capacitor vibrate very loudly that you can identify it immediately?

Also make sure you don’t have the lamp connected on a dimmer, as that will also give a buzzing sound.

And will destroy the LED in the end. But you probably already know that :wink:

I used a hearing aids app on my smartphone and checked each part by getting a microphone in close proximity. In my case it was certainly caused by the brown capacitor (CBB21 334K 400V). Especially when the main power is connected and the load is not applied, it caused a loud noise.

I see. Usually it’s the coil in the circuit such as the high frequency transformers or the inductor that is vibrating at a lower frequency when there is no load. When there is load, the resonance frequency is higher and is out of human audible range. Anyway… It works for you… Thanks for sharing.

Hi, I get the high pitch sound from Ceiling light too. It is quite annying since it is in the sleeping room. Any possibility I can fix it if I recognize what component it is? I dont know cover with foam or so.

I have the same issue with YILAI YIXD05YI 480, still couldn’t fix. See Can’t connect to YILAI YIXD05YI 480 ceiling light via app

Does anyone can fix this buzzing noise yet??

Same problem here, both of my Yeelights buzz but only at lower frequency when using the bluetooth dimmer! I only noticed this recently.

It’s very frustrating as it’s in both my bedrooms.

I’m running at 220v.

Is this a manufactoring defect?

Try disconnect the yellow-green ground wire, leaving only blue (zero) and brown (phase). It worked for me.

Which one, Can you show me some picture??