Buzzing Sound

I have had my bulb for about a week now.

I have noticed that when set to higher brightness, the bulb will buzz/hum. The volume of the buzz gets louder when the percent is increased.

I dont hear a hum when it is dimmed.

Is this normal?

// I live in the UK

I’ve had the same problem on one of my lights but
because I lost the box GearBest would not accept a
refund. I would recommend you get the light bulb returned as long as
they are giving you your full amount back as this should not happen.
I own more bulbs and none of these do this.

I have the buzzing sound plus blinking and the bulb has only been used like 6 months or less

The buzzing is perfectly normal with Yeelights. Have it on all 3 lamps in my room. Gets pretty annoying when you want your room to be completely silent. The lamps are louder than my PC. I hope that the 2nd Gen doesn’t have the problem.

Returning is definitely no option because I don’t want to send those lamps back to china from germany.

My lamps create a high frequency itch. You can hear it at night.