Bulbs shown offline in app but working


I have 8 yeelight RGB and 1 strip, latest firmware for all.

Randomly, some of my bulbs would be offline in the app. It can be any of them, and usually 2.

They would show up correctly connected to my wifi.

Attempting to individually turn them on would therefore not be possible, however if I for example do the “turn all on” button, they would correctly turn on, same for “turn all off”.

It seems therefore not be a connectivity issue, but rather the app incorrectly reporting their status.

I tried restarting the app on my phone, nothing. Only way for the bulbs to come back is to unplug them from the lamp and plug them back. Again, while the bulbs are shown offline in the app, “turn all on” lights them up, they are not offline, status report is just not working.

Hello, do you enable “LAN Control” for the bulbs. I guess the bulb shown offline has response when you use “turn all on/off” is controlled by “Local network”. Currently, the status of online/offline is determined by cloud result, but if your phone and the device are in the same network, te commands to the bulb via local network.

No, LAN control is turned off on all my bulbs. should I enable it ?

I can confirm that my offline bulbs lights on even when my phone is not connected to wifi but connected to 4G (LTE).

Currently have 2 bulbs offline, “turn all on” when connected to LTE turns on these offline bulbs… I have no idea what is happening.

I tried phone connected to wifi, LTE, and VPN, still showing offline, but still turned on with “turn all on” button. There is basically no reason these bulbs are shown offline.

This is also not specific to a bulb in particular. Over the past few days, my 8 bulbs and strip have all been offline, always by pair (so 1 day it would be 2 bulbs from my living room, the next day 2 other bulbs from kitchen and bedroom, next day 2 other bulbs etc). All 9 are correctly showing in my router regardless.


I suspect that there’s something wrong with Xiaomi cloud to handle device status. Could you provider your device info of

  1. The server your device connected.
  2. Your Mi ID.
  3. Time of the case occurs.

BTW,Could you help us do some live debugging? Do you have WeChat or What’s app? My Wechat ID is “Andydingding”, you can contact me.


Hi, ok I will try to contact you through What’s App with the required info.

Here’s what I know more since this morning :
_It seems to be related to my wifi turning off while I sleep, from midnight to 7am. Each time I wake up and look at my bulbs status, 2 new are now offline in the app, even though all 9 correctly show up in wifi.

_Schedules are working on the offline bulbs. This morning my bedroom bulb did start at specified time, simulated sunrise, and turned off at specified time, even though it was offline for the entire time. Same for my living room bulbs yesterday, they turn on at 5pm, 2 were offline the entire day, they still started to light up at 5pm like intended.

Thanks for your feedback, my What’s app ID is “+8618866621657”.

Same thing is happening to me since yesterday! App shows some bulbs offline without any reason so i can’t control these individual bulbs but i can turn all on/off…

Happened to me too, twice actually. First time two bulbs were apparently offline yet I could still control them via Google Home. I ended up resetting bulbs and adding them back in via the app. Second time its just one of the bulbs showing offline, I haven’t bothered adding it again.

Hello, its happening to me since i start to use the bulbs (2 strips, couple of RGB bulbs). From time to time i lost connection to random number of bulbs. Some are working some are unreachable. Behavior is also different. They are sometimes completely unreachable. In same cases they came back online after unspecified time, in other cases i have to power on/of or even factory reset. Sometimes some of the bulbs are offline in the app, but reachable by Alexa and IFTTT. At this moment one bulb is offline again.

I though that yeelight bulbs will be more reliable and lack of smart hub (like in Philips hue) will be a big advantage.
But this is just a pain to use. Every time i ask Alexa to turn on lights or open an app, I am just afraid to see which bulbs will be “dead” again.
I have even 5 RGB bulbs still packed in the box, I dont want to use more of these devices until it will be 100% reliable.


For me all my bulbs are currently online. Yesterday when I went to bed my strip was offline, this morning it is back online without doing anything (no switch off/on, no reset).

It is worth noting that a lot of connectivity issues may also be related to your ISP / data carrier / router settings. If I am connected to my wifi on my phone, sometimes all my bulbs are offline and unreachable. It is random, it can last 1 hour, then all bulbs are back online without touching anything and still connected to wifi with the phone, and few hours later my bulbs would go all offline for a random amount of time. I know it is my ISP or router because if I turn off wifi and connect to LTE, instantly the bulbs appear online. Switching back to wifi, and they will go offline again. Right now the most uptime I have on my bulbs is through my VPN (I use OpenVPN for Android to connect to my VPN Mullvad), it gives me the fastest (instant) response on my bulbs, wifi response without VPN is incredibly slow with 10+ seconds to have a bulb turn on / off.

@Malfunction @Johster @Rubico

XiaoMi engineer said that you fixed the issue. Could you help confirm that if the issue still exist? When the device shows offline in your application, please check if it can be controlled by “Turn All On/Off”.

Hello Dingychen,

unfortunatelly not. Today morning only one bulb was online. I had to power on manually another bulb and 2 strips. After that both bulbs were online in the app and via Alexa (but IFTTT scene trigger was not working). Both strips are still offline in the app.
My ISP and connectivity is quite bullet proof. Same behavior when using app via LTE.

Have a nice day,


It seems fixed!

Haven’t had any offline bulbs for two days in a row now.

All this while I dont have problem with bulb offline. But now i can see in app 1 of them being offline. Will go back n check later, hope it was not caused by the recent changes in server / app … etc.

Update : False alarm … it’s working fine !