Bulbs can't connect to new router (Connection Timed Out Error)


Hello Dingychen, thank you for your help. I can open the Yeelight App inside Mihome, but there are no settings for third paty use.That is my problem. I want to youse the bulbs with the Kodi Addon Yeemee. Greets Marian


What do you mean open the Yeelight app inside MiHome? Yeelight app and MiHome are totally different apps.

And, what do you mean with “no settings for third party use”?


I know what you mean. You have to enable LAN control, that is what they call it now. It is available as option in both MiHome and Yeelight.


Hey, the developer of Yeemee;) It is an great addon. Thanks for the good work!!! I do not find the settings lan control in mihome!!! Can anyone help me???


Thanx. Damn, I can’t find it either. I am sure it was there. Easier to install Yeelight app… it is definitely there when you open the bulb and press open arrow and then LAN control.


Yes, i know. But since i had to change my router i have the f… connection time out. Only in the App and i can not use my yeemee addon :frowning: