Bulb not working!

I recently bought the Yeelight LED RGB Bulb, i installed it, and working fine, i connect it to my phone. Well at night i power it off with the switch, not the phone. In the morning it was not working, i tried the switch and nothing, went to the App and appeared Offline (I was connected to the WiFi)… So i really dont know whats the problem :frowning:
Thanks for your time!

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Could you try restart your router and see if the bulb goes back online?

I tried that and still not working, the thing is the bulb is not even turning on when I switch the power…
ID: 1676308393

Have you tried to reset the bulb? If it doesn’t work, please contact your reseller for a replacement or refund. Thanks

Yes, I tried and still not working! I will ask for the refund, do you know why this happend? I bought it on AliExpress and suppose to be 100% original… Im thinking about buying it from here cloud you tell me if this is the Official Xiaomi Yeelight store? Thanks!

No, I don’t think so. Maybe you can find the lamps from Amazon.

Okey thank you! It just look Original and was a good price!
Thanks for your time!!

I have exactly the same Problem with the yeelight bulb. I bought it from gearbest. And I wait for an answer.