Bulb Groups on latest Mi Home app

Hi all,
I had some problems lately with android 8.1 and Xiaomi Mi Home app, as other members mentioned already in this forum, and now that is solved I noticed another issue with Yeelight bulb groups. I mostly use Mi Home and not Yeelight app because I have many devices that work with Xiaomi ecosystem.
I have two bulb groups, created long time ago, but with version 5.x of Mi Home I can’t find my groups any more to control the bulbs simultaneously (you know same color, same brightness etc). Groups are there, because when I try to create a group with the same bulbs I got a message that already exists. I can also see my groups if I want to create a new automation.
Any one noticed that? is this has to do with Yeelight Software? Is it a bug and Xiaomi forgot to add this to new Mi Home or is it somewhere hidden that I can’t find it? I don’t want to believe that they remove that function from the app permanently.

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Just curious are you using the mi home suite to control it.

I used to in older versions of Mi Home. Now I can’t,.
I am not sure I understand your question

i mean are you using the security suite.

I haven’t purchased it as a bundle package, but yes I have the gateway and many sensors from xiaomi and aqara. I have also some smart wireless switches connected to the gateway to control bulbs on every room as normal non smart bulbs without the need of my smartphone

so far no problem on my iOS side but i guess you might try to use yeelight apps

So you mean that on iOS you can find the bulb group, add it on your favorite devices (optional) and control it manually? Can you provide me a screen shot for that

Here you go

This does not seem as a group, It’s 3 different bulbs. What I want is to be a able tdo see 2 or more different color bulbs as a single device and control them together. That was a simple task on older versions of Mi Home. I like the new room management but I miss that functionality

EDIT : take a look at my own screenshot. You can see my bulb groups at the bottom. I can see them in automation menu, but I can’t see the in any room. As you can see they are assigned in “default room”
That room does not exist. I can delete some of my devices form their room, and I can see them also in the default room on home page but the groups are not there

I think for this case you might have to use the yeelight apps as i think the new mihome apps do not support that.

I have just installed v. 5.0.27 of Mi Home App and managing and controlling of bulb groups is finally back.