Bulb burnt out. How to remove it from the yeelight app?

Hi there!
I used the bulb with this ikea table lamp:
It has hardwre dimmer in it. So when its 100% brightness all was ok,
but suddenly i wasn`t at home and my wife changed the dimming level, then smell and lamp went off. It burned out apparently.
2 question:

  1. How to remove it from the app now?
  2. Is it possible to fix it changing some part inside of it?
  3. Why did it burn out? Is it restricted to use these lamps with hardware dimmers?

Bulb should not of burnt out, they can last up to 11 years. I suggest returning it to the seller who you purchased this off. To remove it on the app just swipe left and it will say delete, click delete and it will be gone.