Blue color appear purplish and white appear pinkish

first of all i know there’s threat similar to this, but now is 2018 and i wanna know if there’s a new firmware update or this is a lightstrip hardware limitation? i just got this light yesterday and i’m confused with the color they appear.

edit: i can set the pure white with the yeelight app (not Mi Home) by selecting Blue in the preset (so blue color didn’t appear at all)

Since I bought my smart bulb, I had noticed that they don’t produce white fluorescent-like light color. Even on the app, whenever I select white light, the color I get is never really the pure white light.

Yesterday, I was just playing with different voice commands to the light, trying to issue more than 2 commands in one sentence e.g 'change color to blue and dim light by 50%. I noticed that such voice command wasn’t working.
Then an idea struck me. Since I knew there was a color known as warm white light (kinda yellowish), I began to issue commands for white light with specifics. I noticed that the white color intensity changed with the following ‘warm white, cool white, white’, the moment I mentioned bright white, voila, the LED bulbs produced white fluorescent-like light. I was shocked to discover that the bulbs are even brighter than my regular energy saving bulbs, and just one can comfortably illuminate a very big room

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