Best server

Hello, what’s the best server to have the light in the 3.0 app version?

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Singapore server, this allows connection to services like ifttt and Alexa / google. Speed is the same on all servers. However, the China server is the only one which allows things like xiaomi smart home devices to work with Yeelight.

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Both Singapore and US server allow connection to services like IFTTT/Alexa/Google Home. If you live American Cont, US server is recommended.

Will US server be better if I like in the UK?

I am not sure about it. But I know there will be server launched in Europe very soon. :wink:

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Why don’t you try both and let us know? :grin:

Good news! :slight_smile:

will google home be supported in Europe?

Of course.


Good to see a server being added in the EU :slight_smile:
What is going to be the country of the server? I assume the Netherlands or Germany?

I also heard somebody say that you can control the lights with lan if you have the bridge. I am not sure how that works but maybe that could reduce latency for European members?