Bedside Lamp wont connect to my Google Home

i’ve tried to connect my Bedside Lamp with my Google Home but it don’t works. I tried to change the server and everything i could find on the internet but it just wont work. I hope someone on here is able to help me.
Thanks in advance,

Which version of the bedside lamp do you have? The yeelight version or the Mijia version?

The Yeelight version

Yeelight bedside lamp, AKA bedside lamp version 1 is bluetooth device and can’t support Google home or Alexa.

Ahh okay, thanks for the answer :smiley:

Only the Mijia version supports Alexa & Google because it has WiFi.

I have Mijia versions. I can connect with yeelight app, I can connect with mihome. But not connect to google home(((

Yeelight bedside lamp is bluetooth based device, GH doesn’t support it.

My lamp is wi-fi. And today I connect it to GH. But yesterday GH cant linked to yeelight account.

how you did that?