Bedside Lamp not comunicate with Mi Band 2

Good morning,
does anyone know why my bedside lamp does not reveal the auto turn off by the sleep monitor of the mi band?
Mi band is correctly connected with mi fit app, set as “discoverable”, and correctly detects sleep data.
I have correctly pair Bedside lamp and Mi Band inside the yeelight app, but at night the lamp does not switch off.

I signal that:

  • The Mi Band is updated to the version V1.0.1.69 and the mi fit app regularly registers sleep and all activities.
  • The Bedside lamp is new, second version with bluetooth and wi-fi (I bought it last week) updated to the version 1.5.5_0163 and when I use it with the app yeelight it has a big delay in responding to the commands and some functions like the music flow do not work.

Is it possible that it is faulty?


If you sleep with wearing Mi Band 2, the band will broadcast after it finds you sleep. Then bedside lamp will turn off after it receives the broadcast that the band sent. So I don’t think this is related to the network, please have a check at the configuration.

How long did you wait? I tried this function and it worked for me but it took about 10/15 minutes to turn it off, meanwhile i stood still all the time.

the configuration is ok:

  • i set “discoverable” my Mi Band inside Mi Fit app
  • i pair correctly Bedside Lamp and Mi Band inside Yeelight app. My My Band vibrate and receive a notification on display to confirm it.
  • I set on “auto turn off” function.

There are other configuration?
(mi fit app register correctly my sleep data)

I don’t wait any time, i fell asleep and woke up the next morning. unfortunately the lamp was turn on.

Repeat, it is possible that the bedside lamp is faulty?