Bedside Lamp II

Bedside lamp II is released today, same price, but upgraded to WiFi + BLE.
This means the new bedside lamp can be controlled by:

  1. Alexa/IFTTT/Google Home
  2. Third party tools (follow the same open API)
  3. Mi-Band (through BLE)
  4. Remote controller (if you have bought Yeelight ceiling lights, you can also pair the RC with this lamp).

English translation is not done yet, you can just take a look at the picture.


Very good update of the Bedside lamp! But I cannot view it on the app.

Look nice!

nice work guys. now this product finally makes sense :slight_smile:
any ideas when gearbest might include it in their site?

Very good news !!!
I keep an eye on Gearbest :slight_smile:

Now relase the new color bulb :smiley:

Nice! We just added this update to Yeti ! Thank you so much for updating the developer documentation!

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Yes it appears as Mi Lámpara de noche. I have emailed yeelight to change the name to Lámpara de noche 2.

I have bought one in aliexpress:

Is it the new version already?

Yes it says Bluetooth And WiFi Dual Control. And look at the mijia branding.

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This lamp will have developer mode as the yeelight wifi bulb? just to know, because i want to know if i can add in my home control system called Home Assistant.


As I said in original post, it follows the same open API

  1. Third party tools (follow the same open API)

Hello Weiwei,

Do you have some review/article/data how does the bedside lamp compares to the others?
I have got the strip and two color bulbs and my main concern with them is that the minimal light that can be set is too much for a calm bedroom.
Best regards,
ps: wifi was exactly that was missing for me so good move!

Sorry, I don’t have review for the new lamp. There is a night mode for this lamp and it’s designed to generate minimal light, I don’t know how to measure if it’s suitable for your case.

I got mine yesterday. have been in dongguan in the Mi-Store and bought one. now waiting for the yeelight update to configure it.

up to now it looks and works very nice, like the other products do it, too.

kind regards Lukas

It’s already supported by the latest Yeelight app and should also be supported by IFTTT/Alexa/Google Assistance

yes, but I didn’t get the update, when I was in China. Don’t know, how you guys do that :smiley:

but it will be done soon, so this will be good.

adding information

after the update, I installed the BedSide Lamp II.
for the update I had to delete the data of the app and login again - a little bit annoying, but ok with me.

the lamp itself makes a wonderful smooth light and works great.
everybody in the household had an idea, where to put it, since “it would be nicer there” :smiley:

so the WiFi is just working fine with the lamp, just like with the bulbs and strips.

next thing to buy: the moonlight.

kind regards Lukas

HI, you said in the first post that this new Bed Lamp can be paired with the ceiling lights remote controller, but i think we can’t buy the remote controller without the ceiling light. Is there another RC that can be bought and that will work with the bedside lamp?

Sorry, the RC can be bought alone in China market … but I don’t know how to handle this for foreign users.