Bedside Lamp 2 stuck offline


Hi everybody. I found what i think could be a bug of the latest firmware.
First, lamp is working and is seen correctly online by both mi home and yeelight apps.
Now, if i turn the wifi connection of my router off and then on again, lamp doesn’t get back online but is stuck offline. To make it visible again i can only unplug it from the socket and plug it in again.
Very annoying. Has somebody else found out the same problem?


Thanks for your feedback!

We will look into this issue in our lab. @wangaijun


Thank you. Keep us up to date!


I have this problem too. I just bought 5 days ago bedside lamp 2 and i have on my router scheduled restart from 2 in 2 days. Today was second time when i wasn’t able to reconnect my lamp. It says Offline. I found as solution to remove my lamp from devices and add it again from app. cc @Crazler8


Thanks @icstee. I tried to remove the lamp and add it again but it didn’t solve the problem in my case.


I’ve installed and tested the latest firmware (1.5.5_0164) and now the lamp works fine, it always reconnects after the router is turned off and on again.
I’ve found now a small issue with the yeelight app: if i want to schedule a SINGLE time event (no repetitions) for tomorrow it doesn’t set the timer properly. For example, if i set a sunrise tomorrow at 7AM and now we are at 9AM, it is written on the scheduled event that is set for today and not tomorrow. In fact, tomorrow the lamp won’t turn on.

PS: the app has already been updated to the latest release.


Thanks for feedback.

We will have a look, could you provider what time zone do you live?


Sure, GMT+1.