Automatic on by power outage


Did you got the update?

I’m holding buying a yeelight led strip because of this feature.

Thank you.


no update on my side yet… I’m waiting for the firmware.



Hello, Yeelight 3.0 has supported this feature. Still waiting for some language translation, will release very soon.


I tried and seems isnt working, do i need to do something special?


Which device do you have?


I have yeelight led strip upadated to lastest version and the android app on 3.0.01. I save default state of my strip when is switched on and dosen’t save it, when i close light and turn on again, strip remains off until I press the button or turned on with the app.


I see, it need latest firmware support. Latest firmware is still under QA, will release very soon.

After you update to latest firmware, you see item of “Auto on upon power resumption”:


Lastest firmware from led strip or app? When will be very soon? Sorry if im asking but I need it as soon as possible, this issue makes so unconfortable my bedroom light. Is there any chance to get the beta version or QA version to get this feature sooner? Thanks for replying!


Will be ready in 2 ~ 3 days.


Thanks for your atention! I’ll be waiting impatiently!


I have update my FW this morning to 1.4.1_40, and now I have the menu Default State. :wink:


same here !

thank you for the FW update !


Here too!

Thank you very much!!!



Hi, I’m a new customer of the Yeelight LED Lightstrip. I upgraded the device to latest firmware (1.4.1_40) and latest Yeelight app on iOS but I do not see this option available in my Default State menu for the device. Instead I only see what’s shown in attached screenshot. Can anyone help with how I make the “Auto on upon power resumption” option available?

Thank you!


This is a bug we already knew. The new version will be available in a few days.


Is there any expected timeframe on releasing an update to fix this bug?


Is this bug only in the IOS Version ?
If not i would borrow me an Android device


You can download the latest app in 3 days. It is testing.


Is there any update on the app? The current latest updated version of the app on iOS still does not have the “Auto on Upon Power Resumption” in the default state settings. Would be very grateful if team can status.



Show me the screen capture of your default state page.