Automatic gradually dimming during the evening

I like to automatic gradually dimming lights during the evening.
Now I use Sunset in combination with IFTTT but is not what i want because it is only 10 minutes and then the lights or off.
Nightmode is not gradually dimming so that is not an option.
What I wish is that when it is 23:00 hour the light slowly gradually dimming to off in about 1 hour or so.
Is there a way to arrange that?

You can create a scene that apply a custom light to a device and then you can use the created scene in combination with IFTTT.

Gradually dimming is not an exsisting scene

You can use our app to created your own scene.

documentation on making scenes is bad in the Yeelight app. Go into “Customization” in the app. There you can build timed scenes. It’s actually pretty robust, but one would never know.

The problem with these options is that they turn on the light at the scheduled time.
Most people just want their lights colder and dimmer at night but not a schedule to turn them on, just that they are so WHEN they decide to turn them on.
Why is there not a schedule to change de default state of the light? So every time I turn it on at night, it is dimmer and colder, and during the day, another configuration.

connect them all via homeassistant… Looking through this forum I am very surprised by how many people are trying to do things and create things when it is all covered by homeassistant

you mean HomeAssist, an app with 10k downloads at google play?