Apple HomeKit


I am testing out the new iOS 11 and wanted to ask if it’s possible to get yeelight on the home kit app without a work around using the new features Apple has announced without the need of chip? Is it possible to try this out?



We will take a look at the new Homekit protocol. If it can be done through software, then we will provide this feature through firmware upgrade.



Now iOS 11 has been released and you can see lifx already provides the support of HomeKit for all new and exciting device.

So the current light can be supported.

EDIT: adding the lifx news about the integration

adding the link from the Keynote explaining the new authentication protocole

Please lets move ahead and support homekit ! Thanks Yeeligh team !


After what prbreezy said,
Will we see this added to the yeelight?

Interested in hearing more about this too…

Hi, weiwei!
Any new info about HomeKit support with iOS 11 software authentication? Homekit support is the only thing that keeps me from buying some Yeelights.

The yeelight bulb working pretty good with Apple HomeKit and Siri voice commands. BUT you have to realise it via Homebridge! You need extra hardware like a raspberry PI and install some software on it.

I will check if i will find an easy tutorial in the next few days.

The good news is that we are working on native homekit support through soft auth. The bad news is that it may take months to finish.


Software can be hard, I know this.
Still, that’s terrific news! Will look forward to it. Thanks!

the main effort is actually not software, it’s about Apple’s policy and procedures.


Ah, heard about that. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

Well and also the cost