Anyway to get something like ScreenBloom for this light?

Hi, was just wondering if there was anything like ScreenBloom ( that would work for PC (or even my Android phone? I’d prefer PC.). It would be really cool to see a feature like this.

Actually there is, for Kodi:


It controls Yeelights frm media center, and has ambi function (on Windows platform only)

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I’ll have to check this out for movies and stuff. Is there anything anyone knows of for gaming?
EDIT: Also, the transitions to new colours for this addon are very quick, is there any way to get a smooth transition?
EDIT 2: Some quick editing of the python files allowed it to smoothly transition. Perhaps you could make an update which allows people to change the speed of the transitions? Thank you for the addon, by the way!

That’s awesome. Thanks!

Hmm, I don’t know how that would look like, it would LAG a lot… also there’s no guarantee on the timing, so I can’t tell how much to “delay” it…

I’ve found somewhere between 200-500ms works quite well.

By the way, how does your addon work with the light strip? Does it set the whole strip to one colour, or the individual LEDs?

It can’t set individual LEDs, it is not possible with Yeelight LED strip.

Ah, that’s a shame. thanks for the help though!

Here’s the demo video for anyone interested in how it looks:


I really this is promising, however can anyone help me set it up? I’ve found my bulbs, and they all go off and on in testing, and even when playing. I can’t seem to get them to change colours with the screen though, they stay on the red/orange colour. I’ve enabled YeeMee service and YeeMee Ambi. Any ideas?

Android? Which model?

Sorry no it’s on my PC

That is strange, it should work on a PC. It has problems with Android if hardware acelleration is on for AMLogic devices, but works nicely on Windows 10 for me (and couple other people reported it OK in Windows)

Did you specify Ambi for each bulb? Try one first.

I switched it on for all, then knocked it down to just my strip. But it didn’t kick in when the film did. The options are on film start on/off/do nothing. I’m assuming i say on, and I’m not sure what to put for the hex value?

That is for normal YeeMee operation. i.e. on play, set light to red or on pause turn light off. codes are standard HEX color codes.

For Ambi operation, you have to do just 2 things; turn Ambi service on and set Ambi on for each bulb to be used.

Ahh right OK. So I should set do nothing for all Ambi bulbs then?

It shouldn’t matter for Ambi operation.

Well in that case mine isn’t responding like it should be. I’ll try it over the weekend.

Yes it is working Perfect with Windows 10 on my Laptop!
I have installed kodi and yeemee on my Dreambox DM900 and it works but without Ambi Function like you said “on Windows Platform only”.

Is it possible to use your Plugin on my Dreambox as a standalone Plugin?
My Dreambox is using Python Plugins too but I have no Idea how to convert the Addon/Plugin.