Anyway to connect directly into live + neutral wire from the yeelight led strip adapter?


Wanted to get a yeelight led strip but my home already have existing led strip that powered from usual home wiring which is live + neutral wire…i would like to know is there anyway i can connect to it?
my ceiling is only 6 inches i not sure what tool can convert the cable into a socket box without grounding cable…


You have several options. The best way is to install a receptacle. You could also install a female cord end on the existing wires, and plug the led strip controller into that. I don’t recommend direct-wiring as you’ll void the warranty if you cut off the plug end.


Yes I think receptacle is the only option bcox it’s my new house newly renovated and it’s link to on/off switch from the wall…I don’t connect it to outlet I need to make an outlet which is hidden inside my side ceiling, having difficulty to find a slim back box of receptacle
As you can see my ceiling design…


Been waiting the new yeelight 10m led strip to be release


Slimmest box is a 1100. It is still 1 3/4" deep (4.5cm)


hi Ryan

can i check which is the positive and negative cable?


in AC is neutral and live wiring, not sure what is ur +/- referring to…


not sure if the cable are able to fire up the latest gen 2 or not coz the thickness will be slightly thinner compare to 3 pin outlet wiring, in Malaysia 3.5mm for 3 pin outlet and 2.5mm for lighting point wiring…