Any US users? I can't connect Yeelight color bulb

Does anyone in the US have any luck with using these lights? I bought a color light to try out but the iOS app won’t get past 25% to connect and I tried the Mi Home app–it got to 100% but then had me start over.
I’ve tried logging out and back in for both China Mainland and Singapore with no success.
Any suggestions?

Hi Robby,

Is your bulb 220v or 110v version? Did it keep flowing among red, green and blue colors?

Thanks for the reply! I am just assuming it’s 110v. Yes, it will blink for a few seconds and then flow through the other colors.

It’s not sold by Yeelight, please return it. We will officially deliver US version bulb in July. Please stay tuned.

Thank you. I bought it from and it was listed like this: Xiaomi Yeelight RGBW Smart LED Bulb WiFi Enabled 16 Million Colors CCT Adjustment
I will look for the US product in July. Thanks very much for your help.