Any physical switch can control yeelight bulb(color)

Since the forum displays english so I should probably write in English?
I have couple of yeelight led bulb(color) setup at home. I can turn it on/off from the app or my google home. It works perfectly now. My question is that is there any physical smart switch/button can work with yeelight bulb so that people can easily turn it on/off?
I am USA based so have to speak english to communicate with google home. My parents only speaks chinese and they dont have the yeelight app on their phone. So currently there is no convenient way to control it for them. Buying Mi home gateway and hub is also not an option since they dont ship to USA.

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I am using bluetooth tracker devices to turn on the lights :slight_smile:

at $1.85 on Ali express pretty cheap switches :slight_smile:

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Hi @dalanik,
Does this button has to connect to the phone in order to work? So if it connects to my phone and I’m not home. Others will not be able to use it unless they setup on their phone, correct?

Yes, it needs to connect to some device that has Android/Tasker and access to Wifi. To me it is not a problem because I have tablet fixed to the wall to control all the lights when in home so it acts as control center for these.

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That’s very interesting of your control center tablet idea. Could you share more of it please?

Here is the brief description:

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FWIW I am using Flic ( ) with my AutoBuddy ( ) system.


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Nice, but too expensive… that is exactly the same (technically) as those BLE devices sold in China for 1.85$, but sold to americans for 10x the price…

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Yes… and yes they are pretty expensive… Any link to one of those chinese devices?

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Hi @dalanik,
I don’t have any Android tablet now. Any suggestions which one should buy I terms of cost efficiency?

I have Mac pro always turned on. Is it possible to link all the buttons to my Mac pro?

Control Yeelights from web page using AutoRemote and tasker

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I am using old Nexus 7 (2012!!!) and it works beautifully. So any cheap tablet would do. I would suggest minimum 1gb RAM (2 is better) and android at least 5.0…

You can buy an Aqara wifi switch but u will need a Aqara home kit or xiaomi home kit to link up the device

Exactly - you need too many components and different protocols. Also, I try to stay away from mihome as it is incompatible with everything (IFTTT, Google Assistant, etc) including itself :slight_smile:

I have a spare Moto G 2 here, if I buy this bluetooth tracker and set it up I can use it to turn yeelight on and off even if yeelight is on Singapore server? Does it have wifi? Because if only bluetooth is available, the moto g will need to be near.

Yes, it works no matter which server. You need 1) spare device always on 2) tasker 3) iTracing. Optional is Send/Expect plugin for Tasker (if you want to control it manualy).

No it doesn’t have Wi Fi, it is only a switch to be used at home in the same room as a replacement for wall switch. I tested in my flat and it works from 2 rooms away (2 concrete walls), so any size room is ok.

No, moto gear is connected to tracker via BLUETOOTH, and to the bulb via WIFI. So it doesn’t matter how far away it is from the bulb. It matters how far away it is from the TRACKER (which is on Bluetooth)