Announcement: European server service will be restored within a week

Dear Yeelight Users,

To better protect the data privacy of our users, Yeelight is conducting a software update and as a result, has suspended certain features of our products in Europe, including Rooms, Scenes, Favorites, etc. The update will be completed in about a week and will not affect users who are outside Europe.

Yeelight is committed to protecting users’ privacy and safeguarding data security. Yeelight strictly complies with local laws and regulations on data privacy and makes the utmost efforts to protect the security of our users’ data.

We apologize for any inconvenience the suspension of services may cause. Thank you for your support and understanding.

Yeelight Team






Your post is worded in a way that is hard to understand. Will you restore that service in a week and everything will be working as before? Or is that functionality (at least for the EU server) completely gone?

What exactly makes you think that you have to remove all that functionality? It more sounds like that you got note of the new privacy laws in the last minute and scrambled to do something in order to avoid any legal consequences?!

All functions will be restored after a week.


Actually, we have been working on GDPR compliance for months. But unfortunately, we found a potential risk that might not fully compliant with GDPR requirement in the last minute. Considering privacy data security is our utmost priority, we have to suspend all those affected services temporarily.

As it was written in our official announcement, we are working on the fix day and night. Services will be restored immediately once the the issue was fixed.

Thanks for your understanding!

In order to avoid people in Europe stop using your Yeelights, they can use the Yeti Android app or Yeti iOS app, totally compatible with Yeelights. As we use the Local Control for your devices and Yeti is totally GDPR compliant they shouldn’t have any issue with your devices, right?

Not totally compatible, Yeelight Bulb II RGB isn’t there … All functionality has been restored anyway on Yeelight App.

What do you mean Yeelight Bulb II isn’t there?

I have two Yeelight Bulbs I and three Yeelight Bulbs II, both RGB … Tried to add them and the three YBII aren’t detected at all. The YBI’s are.

Reset the lamp by power on and off fives times in a row, and then please confirm if there’s AP named like “yeelink-light-***” in your phone’s wifi list?

That’s how I tried to add them in the first place …
Anyway, I won’t be using the Yeti app. The main app from Yeelight has been updated today, and I’ll be using that one. After update I lost all scenes … So I’ll have to recreate them again.
Hoping this doesn’t happen every time there’s a major update … Not the end of the world but … A nag nevertheless.

Since the privacy police update of the EU my Yeelight doesn’t work with Amazon Alexa.
I updated the app yesterday but it is still not working. There is no reaction of my bulbs. Is there a update coming?

Yeti cannot support connect Yeelight devices to the cloud, it is based on local control protocol provided by Yeelight.

So please use Yeelight or Mihome to connect these devices.

We feel sorry about the issue, actually our test team has done all the testing before we update our application. For this case, there is something update from the cloud, which we didn’t know it, that caused the issue :joy:

And any update with your lamps?

What about relink yeelight skill from Alexa application? If you still has the problem, please provider your mi account.


I have already deinstalled and installed the Alexa skill. No reaction. In one room Alexa is working but I don’t know why?!
In the other rooms there is no reaction.

Hi … Scenes have been restored, but I lost light groups … That was weird. Everything is working fine.
Had to relink to Google Home in order to update the lights but now everything is OK.
Thank You!

That is good news.
THX :smiley:

How many Alexa do you have? Or do you mean only lamps in one room work?

Light groups are stored in your local phone, so if you reinstall the application, groups would also be removed…

I have 3x bulbs in my bedroom (they are working) and 3x bulbs / 1x strip in my living room (they are not working).
They all are connected with two Amazon echo dots.