Android Yeelight 3.0.17 beta version


Yeelight Android 3.0.17 beta version has been released, you have a try with

Release note:
1、Add Flow settings back in control view;
2、Scene action improvement for Scene/Schedule/Tasker;
3、Add bright frame support for white bulb;
4、Add language support of Polish;
5、Bug fix and performance optimization.

Any comment please leave it here. Currently there’s some strings waiting for translation, once done, i will update it.


Can you describe how to use the flow mode?

just wanted to try this and it doesn’t work for me.

The bulb will be change to flow mode after you click Flow tab. And the bulb will change immediately once you change color/speed/bright in flow mode setting.

trying, but doesn’t work.

I expected, that with the 4 dots on the top I can choose the colors for the flow. but those don’t change. always lime green.

Does customization light work or recommend flow scene work with your bulb?

the presets work with no problem. -> movie scene, flash notification etc. work without problems.

-> found the problem: flow works fine with one bulb, does not work at all with light group.

have here 4 strips + 2 bulbs in one group -> for those the flow does not work.
independently it works.

Have fixed the issue in version 3.0.17, have a try :slightly_smiling_face:

now it works! thx :slight_smile: