Android Wear 2.0

Hi could you make an android wear 2.0 app to controll your lights with your smartwatch? That would be really nice.

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No comment on this?

Yes, you need to download yeelight app on playstore on your watch and you can control the lights at your wrist.

We will look into it. But I can’t make any commitment at this point.

Oh, haven’t yeelights app for android wear been available? Because I’m using it right now.

What you were using is android wear 1.x, which is integrated in main app.

No, I am using android wear 2.0 on huawei watch 1. Here’s the proof. Notice the bulb behind.

Yes, you can use android wear 1.x app on wear 2.0 watch. wear 2.0 app will be much more powerful.

In Android Wear 2.0, an app can work independently of a phone. Users can complete more tasks on a watch, without access to an Android or iOS phone.

So you are working on it already? :slight_smile:

Not yet.

How is the status on the Android Wear 2.0 app?

The app is not working on my watch

on mine neither :frowning:

I’ve made an app for watches running android wear 2. It’s in beta, please write an email here: and I’ll send the play store link.

Have worked on the fix, will release very soon.

Amazing news. Good to hear. I hope it will be so soon. Can’t wait. You are amazing.

Can this app work together with mobile recorder on Android?

@coasterli have you quit development for android wear 2/Wear OS app?
It would be really useful to have a stand alone wear app that not needs a smartphone in order to work. It would be useful as well to add a slider or +/- buttons for bulb brightness and some presets for the color bulbs. You know, some times you need to remain silent (kids mode on) and you don’t have your smartphone on hand…