[ANDROID HOW TO] Handle 2 servers at the same time with Mi Home and Yeelight Apps

Dear community, maybe you already know, but however I want to share my solution to Handle 2 servers at the same time with Mi Home and Yeelight Apps (obliviously with the same android device).
My goal is use some lights (Bulbs and Ceiling one) with Singapore Server and Google Home. The others, like kitchen bulbs, with human body and other sensors. I like the Gateway automation but I don’t want to leave the Google Home one.
Unfortunately, as we already know, we cannot use Gateway and Amazon/Google Home at the same time due to server limitation. Another thing to keep in mind is that if a light is assigned to a specific server, is not possible to assign it to other.

The concept behind the how to is quite simple, have Mi Home/Yeelight apps handle 2 server at the same time, using two applications installed on the same device. To do that I used an application (NEED ROOT) called App Cloner: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.applisto.appcloner&hl=en
I cloned both Yeelight and Mi Home apps. It works perfect and applications can runs at the same time.
After cloning, I login on cloned apps to Mainland China (to handle the gateway and its sensors) and on orignal apps to Singapore server (to handle Google Home).
As I wrote, the downside is that we cannot have the same lamps to both server, but this is ok for me, since I split the rooms into different automation.
Hope this helps, waiting for Singapore to be compliance with the gateway.

Seems you can select Singapore server in Yeelight and select China mainland server in Mihome.

Good point!:thumbsup:

Sure, but what about if you want to use ONE application (e.g. Mi Home) with 2 servers?
For example I used Mi Home with mainland China server with Gateway and its automation, then use a cloned Mi Home app with Singapore to handle other devices (using also Google Home).The same can be done with Yeelight app.

did you use some special settings in appcloner? i could clone the app fine, i can login with my secondary mi account but the plugins do not really work, i cannot access the vaccuum (it;s in my list) - it just says loading…