Ambilight with Yeelight Color Bulb

Hi, folks!
I wrote script on Python 2.7 to implement ambilight-like functional for Yeelight bulb(color). You can place bulb behind the monitor(or TV, that uses like second monitor) and run the script to make bulb colour adaptive.
How it works:

  • Enable music mode
  • Make a screenshot of screen (supports multi-screens)
  • Do some image processing magic to detect dominant colour
  • Change color of bulb to dominant colour on screen
    It works with delays, but you can try it ^_^.

To install script use:
pip install yeelight-cinema

Usage: --bulb_ip= --resolution_l=1920x1080

To use with secondary monitor (places right):

                                                                          screen to use    left screen resolution      right screen resolution --bulb_ip= --target_screen=right --resolution_l=1920x1080 --resolution_r=1920x1080

More information on repo:

I hope it will be useful for somebody :slight_smile: I going to keep working on it to decrease delays in future.

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Brilliant idea, I will try it tomorrow.

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Thanks! How is it going?