All Whites have Pink Hue

Hi everyone, I am trying to determine if I need to send my 2 strips back to Amazon. As soon as I received them, I noticed that when in “White” mode, all shades of a pink hue. I really dont like the look as when I am doing food prep, it alters the colors of all the food. Also it makes the backsplash look pinkish. Here is an album that shows the pics. All of these are taken when the strips are in “White” mode.

Other people I have talked to say they do not experience this issue.

Can someone confirm if this is normal behavior or if my units are not working properly.

Can someone also confirm if these are RGBW strips or RGB only? If RGBW, then perhaps my White LEDs are not working?

Thanks for all your help.

Hmm, it really is pinkish… no, my strip’s white is real white…

Thanks for your feedback. That is what I am hearing from other people as well. Is it possible for someone to send me a pic of their white? I notice as I ramp the brightness up, the red LED starts coming on very bright.

Send it back to Amazon, mine doesn’t look like that