All lights offline - may found a reason!

I’m using 3 ceiling lights and 12 bulbs. Yesterday i noticed that all devices were offline in yeelight app, while using google home everything stilled worked. restarting my mobile solved the problem. Today the same happened again. Only one thing both days had in common: i was using google cast and screen share on my device. So it seems that ports or whatever used by google cast / screen share don’t get closed after using and collide with yeelight app as restarting my mobile always solves that issue!?

Btw. it’s an LG G5 with Android 7.0 connected to Xiaomi R2D WLAN Router, bulbs are connected with guest WLAN.

Hello, could you help confirm statue of your devices in MiHome when they show offline in Yeelight.

Installed MiHome today to cross check for you. In MiHome app everything is working as expected. In Yeelight app i still can turn all devices on and off although their single status is offline.
Devices always get offline as soon as i use Google services like Google Home, Google Assistant or “Setup my device” from Google. I also installed latest Yeelight app update from today.
I’m linked to Singapore server. Anything else you need? :wink: Going to flash my mobile now with latest LG rom.

Edit: I even can adjust brightness of every single device although it’s offline, but when trying to open further options like color and advanced features by tapping on that device nothing happens of course, as it’s “offline”.

Hi, I have the same problem. All my bulbs (color) are online in MiHome, and I can control all bulbs using Alexa. But, they are all offline in Yeelight app. I can still turn on/off the bulbs and even change brightness in Yeelight app but I can’t go into the individual settings of the bulbs because they are offline. Help please. Thanks.