Alexa won't discover Yeelight

Hi I cannot seem to dsicover my bulb on Alexa, I have the beta app installed, the yeelight installed with scenes created. I am set up to Singapore server and I have tried rediscovery multiple times.

I have reset the bulbs by switching on for 2 secs then off for 2 secs. Uninstalling the beta app on alexa and then reinstalling and I just can’t seem to get it to work.

When I first ever set up the bulb it was on the China server…that is the only thing I can think that is effecting it but I have reset the bulb, account and servers since so I don’t get why this doesn’t work.

Got it working with IFTTT but would love it to work with Alexa through the yeelight beta app.

Please Help!

Same problem here. According to this thread (Call for beta users for IFTTT and Echo) we will have to wait until the official skill is released.

If you are using UK or Germany account, please wait for official release, we don’t know why this discover request is not reaching to our side yet. Per some users feedback, it should be caused by Amazon side.

Hi maybe my worrkaround helps:
try to click on the yeelight skill in the alexa app and relogin.

Also see here:

Thanks weiwei

[quote=“rgentleman, post:4, topic:367”]
delete brower cache for cookies link in email of the develeoperslogin amazon acocunt - get an errorclick link againlogin mi account

Hi Rgentleman,
I’ve tried this step but can not find the link u mention on this post:
delete brower cache for cookies etc.
click link in email of the develeopers
Can u share me the link or email?

You have to participate in the beta program. As a beta tester you are prohibited to share this link to anyone.

Could someone confirm this for me?

I’m a new UK user and I want to control via Echo/Alexa. I understand there are 2 ways - via IFTTT and via an Alexa skill - is that correct?

Are both currently available as I can’t find a “Yeelight” skill when searching? I can connect via IFTTT but the controls available are relatively crude/simple I assume control by Echo/Alexa is more customisable? Thx

Thanks this solved my issues in UK of alexa not finding my yeelight RGB bulbs. Simply click on yeelight skill in alexa app and then select disable. Then click enable again and it should ask you to login to mi account through alexa app. All my devices were then found.

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Worked for me as well!

Hi itenex,

you are totally right. At the moment there is the method of connecting the Yeelight via IFTTT or the beta of the Yeelight skill.
First you need to register for the beta testers program. Click here
Before you wont do this, you wont find any Yeelight bulbs in the alexa app.
Hope i was able to help you!