Alexa Skill availability in France

I have some Yeelight bulbs and I am part of the Alexa beta testing in France.

Is there a release date for the Alexa Skill to control Yeelights bulbs on the French server?

If the development team need beta testers to validate the skill, I would be happy to be a part of it.

I love the phone app and the product, integration with Alexa would be great.


It’s a tough job to pass the certification, lots of details, lots of back and forth discussions. Please stay tuned, should be online very soon.

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Amazon Echos will be released 13th of June in France, I have 2 Yeelight’s and 3 more on the way… is there any news or an estimated time frame for when the Yeelight Skill will be available in France ? this is the only reason I pre-ordered the Echo

Available as French Skill thank you, now just to get it to work :stuck_out_tongue:

Activated the French Skill, added yeelight to a group and Alexa now controls it :fireworks:

Thanks to the Yeelight team.

I will continue testing and give some feedback.

How did you get it too work ?

It is not picking up any of my RGB V2 bulbs on singapour server.

Alexa Skill is available in France now.

The skill works really well, thanks for your work !

i heard that Google home is now working on mainland china .

is that the same case with Alexa ?Thanks .

I am on the European Server, which might help.

Apart from that, it was very simple. Once the skill is installed, you go into “Maison Connectée” and scan for devices.

Once the devices are detected, you can create groups to control them more easily.

For me, it worked like a charm.

I’m in france and just received my echo, but the yeelight skill is not working with lights on the german server:
Lights are detected but do not repond to any comand
I added a light on the sigapore server, and this one works flawlessly (except that alexa is not very good in french for now)
How do you manage to get your yeelights work with the german (european) server ?
I deleted all light from alexa app, and scan for new devices again, but lo luck.

I created groups in the “maison connectée” menu of Alexa.

It allows to control the devices using “friendly” names that Alexa understands.

For instance, I can control the living room lamp using " Alexa turn on the salon lamp" where “salon” is the name of the
group I put the light.

Thanks, but devices on the German yeelight server are marked “unresponsive” by the alexa app, no matter if I include them into a group or not.
I will try to reset the light

Edit: after resetting all my lights, it is working!!!
Thank you for helping me :nerd_face: