Alexa Says Yeelight bulbs are Offline?

Are your Yeelight bulbs showing as offline in the Alexa app or just mine?? Has the latest Alexa update rendered the bulbs incompatible or something? :confused:

Can you control it through your voice?

No. They were working in the Yeelight app, but Alexa App said they were offline. I’ve reset the 3 bulbs but I was hoping the app would pick them up again using the names moods & timers already set up but I think I’ll need to set them up again as new bulbs.
Aha! Got it working!! I disabled the Yeelight skill in Alexa App and re-enabled it. Discovered all bulbs & scenes! :grin:

That’s really strange… It seems to have something to do with account linking (oauth) issue. we will take a look.

Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face: