Alexa Routines unable to work with Yeelight skill

So, I purchased an Alexa from Amazon the other day (Echo Dot). Its app features a “Routines” menu. What this does is that it allows me to bind certain interactions with Alexa.

For example I can configure it so that when I say “Alexa, I’m back home” it will turn my Yeelight smart bulbs on provided I have selected to to so through the Yeelight skill. Problem is, that when I go to select a bulb from the list the next screen appears to be blank.

Doesn’t give me any actions such as turn on/off , dim , change color - nothing. Maybe the API or the skill itself is outdated. Can someone look into this please?

I posted about this here almost a month ago ( and no one got back to me. It did work soon after routines were introduced but hasn’t since.

Scenes do work though, so you can set up a scene in the app to turn on a bulb, or group of bulbs and add that to your routine.

I use the Yeelight app to set up scenes and this works fine. I understand that there are pressures on developers but I don’t think a month with no comment on an issue that is obviously not isolated is really acceptable on a product that they advertise as being Alexa compatible…

New Alexa upgraded their API to V3 and there is an optional capability called “proactive state update”. currently we can’t support this feature due to our cloud issue. However, Alexa routines required this capability, so you can’t use routine.

NOTE, PSU is an optional capability, even when you pass work with alexa certification they don’t need this feature and our bulb has passed the latest certification.

Thanks for this elaboration. I’d like to ask though, is there an estimate on when the cloud issue can be resolved and an update issued? I know there is a workaround using scenes as mentioned above - but still I’d like to have the option.

Is it something that is work in progress or an unfixable issue?

We can’t provide the solution soon because it needs a lot of infrastructure changes. However, we did raise our doubts to Alexa team to let them re-evaluate this feature because routine actually doesn’t depends on state update. We are waiting for the result now.

I can confirm it’s fixed as of today