Alexa Indian skill launched

Hello dear Indian users,

Yeelight skill has just been activated in Indian, could you help confirm it’s working properly and also please post any issues in this thread.

Yeelight team

Fantastic news, so far have managed to install it and tried it out with my 3 RGB yeelights and it is working fine.

Thanks a lot.

Thanks for your feedback!

BTW, can I ask you a question about Indian market? Is B22 more common/popular than E27/E26 bulb in Indian? Do you think B22 bulbs are more desired?

Hi, yes B22 is he most common and popular here in India. To make yeelights work I had to get an adaptor from E27 to B22. Most of our bulb points are always B22.

Works like a charm thx a lot for the quick help on this.
You guys rock.

Hi there, I am having some issues setting up routines with the bulbs. After trying to add routine when I select any of the bulbs there is nothing in the setting. I did a screen cast to show you the issue.