Alexa/Google Home + MiHome GateWay simutanously

Hi folks,

At the moment I’m using 4 RGBW Bulb + 3 Strips and Ceiling Lamp by YeeLight. works great and I’m very pleased with it. Just loving it.

Although using the smartphone is nice, for some situations it’s just unconvinient. For example, if you just want to switch on or off lights or dimm a group.

This is why I came along the Xiaomi Mi Home Gateway with it’s switches and cube controller.

unfortuneatly: to make the gateway work, you have to use the MiHome app, which has to be switched to Mainland China.
To make Alexa or Google Home (in future) work, you have to use the YeeLight App and Singapure.

And here’s the problem: for some reason you cannot use both, at least it didn’t work for me or I made something wrong.

Would like to use Alexa/Google Home in future and the switches - is there some workaround? maybe some plans for additional server, where both will work?

Kind regards Lukas

It’s about time xiaomi solve this servers issue! It’s like they don’t care about all of those users out there spread all
over the world, who bought their products and are now stucked with it cause of the servers not letting them take full advantage of the product…

Wait, and wait it’s all there is left for us consumers to do… sadly…

i’m glad that YeeLight is going for the LAN option in future. this will speed up things, in my opinion.
The question is, how many people really need to light up their lights from outside.

in my opinion LAN is the way to go.

Where did you read about the LAN support?

Many people are waiting for Singapore gateway compatibility (mee too for sure). For now, I’ll keep my automation using Google Home, but Xiaomi should understand that this is a problem for their business.
How many gadgets people, around the world, will buy if they can use both Gateway and Google/Alexa? I have a gadgets/sensors list ready to buy, but I’ll wait for Singapore compatibility.

exactly! more software suuport, more money for xiaomi… it’s like they dont want our money.

when you said you’ll keep the automation using google home you meant just singapore supported products?? or is there a workaround using google home for gateway?

No, as far I know, there’s no common way to make them to work together at the same time.
My solution is simple, connect some Yeelight lamps to Google Home (Singapore), and others, like ledstrip or some bulbs, to the gateway (Mainland China) to use human body sensor. It depends on personal needs.
I posted a tutorial on how handle two Mi Home apps (with two different servers) using the same device.

There is a work around! But you need a raspberry Pi running homebridge. Also you need a iOS device as your main phone.

Bascially you need to have your yeelight and mi gateway devices on homekit. You can do this via homebridge. From homebidge, you can create a automation so that when you press a switch then the lights turn on. You can also still use alexa and google home as well!