Alexa - Controlling Yeelight & Philips Hue at the same time

hey, is it possible to controll the Yeelight and the philips hue at the same time and same command?
f.e. say “Alexa, turn on living room”
“living room” is the name of the bulbs in the yeelight and hue app.

thanks in advance!

I think it is possible if you group Yeelight device and Philips hue in a room. You can have a try.

it would be great if somebody already made the experience, I don’t have the yeelights yet and only want to order the yeelights if I know it’s possible :wink:
thanks in advance

i can only say it works perfect with google assistant you can control both types of light with one voice command. I don’t know if this is possible with Alexa but if google assistant is able to do it Alexa should be able too.