Alexa can't control clour

I have just bought a colour eye bulb and couldn’t get alexa to control it, I changed the server to SG Singapore and now can control on/off but no other function like colour control ect…what am I doing wrong as I am new to alexa.
I managed to link up 2 cheap chimes ebulbs and they have full control
Thanks and a very happy New year to you all👍

what is the response of Alexa when you try the color command?
BTW, please check the firmware and update it.

Can’t seem to add a video of its function and where do I find firmware number…
Thanks for the quick reply

Phil01, I’m able to change the color with alexa, both in the app and using voice via an echo dot. I am connected to the US server I believe.

In the yeelight app I believe there is a function to update the bulbs firmware, you may also want to check in the app store on your iphone and ensure that the alexa mobile app is up to date, amazon released a few updates over the holidays.

How do you phrase your alexa command? On my alexa, i just simply say “alexa, turn ‘light name’ to blue.” and it turns my light to blue (or any color i choose). I’ve been on singapore server from the start fyi.

Yes, in slide page of Yeelight application, there will be a prompt of firmware update message if your bulb has available firmware.

Thanks all,
Tried it again after not changing anything and now I have full voice control over the colour.

Glad to know that. :wink: