After my WiFi connection is gone and then come back my bulb doesn't get to online


I set a Yeelight RGBW bulb for my cats before I leave the town. When my friend came to feed my cats he accidently turn off my wifi modem and after a while When I realised something is wrong and ask hım to check he turn it on again.

Eventhough modem is on again my bulb’s status didn’t change. Is there anything to do? What is the reason of this problem and are there any solution?

Thank you

Have you tried reseting it to default and reconfigure it as a new bulb ?

Because I’m still out of town I didn’t want him to reset the bulb. I need to be near of it right?

Yeah since you need to electricaly turn on/off the lights multiple times to reset it.
You’ll also need to be connected to the same wifi to do the setup.

So İ need different solution urgently

Did your friend change your wifi ssid or password?