Activating Yeelight scenes using other language on Google Home

Hello, I had Google Home in english for months and I can activate yeelight scene simply using the following GH command:
Hey Google: Activate [Scene Name]

Now Google Home is officially arrived in my country (Italy), but the scene doesn’t work anymore. The translated command Activate (Attiva) doesn’t work. All my Yeelight lamps are in Singapore server, and Siwtch ON/OFF work perfect. So, how can I use the scene in my own language?

Thank you

Try this:

Let us know if it not work.

Hello, and thank you for reply, but Google Home app is already configured on my side. It worked perfect in english, and it works now in Italian, but only for switch ON/OFF the Yeelight lamps. As I wrote, before in english I can use the scenes just saying to Google Home: Activate SceneName but now in italian it does’t work anymore. The work Activate translated in Italian simply doesn’t work and I cannot use the Yeelight scenes.
I’m wondering how other people from France, Germany, Japan, etc, can uses the Yeelight scenes with Google Home.


I can’t say for Japan as I could not check but they can use them because support for them is present in their language…

This is the page that, amongst other things, mention how to use scenes for English (Canada):

see step 5…

I picked the English (Canada) one since English (US) always has the latest features which English (Canada) is always behind by a few months (but less than many other languages).

Now look at this page

see Passaggio 5…

See anything missing?

Yes… Support for scenes (and most of the other things in that section) is not yet present in Italian, looks like Google decided to release in Italy/Italian with what is most likely the most incomplete feature set.

I guess the only thing you can do for now if to either

Ok Google, Send feedback

and complain about this feature missing…

and possibly post on their forum…

Good luck and have a nice day!


Thank you Nick, there are a lot of missing features in Italian language so I’ll wait for their integration.
In the mean time I installed the Home Assistant in a raspberry, and now I can play with automation with less limitations.

Good evening. Can You help with configuration of Google Assistant in HA maybe? If you install of course. I’ll appreciate it

There are a lot of guides on the net, on how install Home Assistant in a raspberry. I believe it can’t be summarized in a simple post. Btw, I used this one:

It’s in italian, but as I wrote, there are many others in every languages.
If you already configured the Google Home app and your assistant is in the same WiFi network, you’ll have every Yeelight devices already configured also in Home Assistant.

My next step will be integrate the Xiaomi gateway into HA. I seen a video on FB where some people use Google Home, Yeelight devices, and gateway all in the Mainland China server through Home Assistant. They can command the lights with Google Home, but at the same time they can use the Xiaomi gateway/sensors automation.