A question about the YEELIGHT Lightstrip


First of all, Thank You for these wonderful products.

I really love my YEELIGHT Lightstrip.

My question is that, is there a hardware or just a software limitation to the lightstrip to show multiple colors at the same time?

If it’s just a software limitation, then it is possible to implement this feature in a future software update?

And sorry for my english :slight_smile:

Thank You and have a nice day

that’s an interesting proposition. my guess is it’s hardware, simply because i’ve never seen any LED strip that can do multiple colors at the same time (but doesn’t mean there’s none). However i’m not the manufacturer so will wait for the official confirmation.

even if it’s possible by firmware/software upgrade, how to execute? segregate the strip length into 2 parts, 4 parts, 10 parts, or by LEDs to control the colors? each segment’s brightness/timer/schedule’s control is independent? that would be super awesome. it’s like having 2/4/10 mini strips in 1 product :laughing:

This is an issue based on the type of LED strip you’ve purchased.
If the LED strip is analog (yeelight strips are) simply all the LED strip can do is whole strip colour, as every LED is on the same line of input.
For a digital LED strip (typically quite expensive); each LED can be individually addressed. This typically requires a dedicated hardware with at least a bit of processing power- i.e a raspberry pi.

limit of hardware.

the red leds is in a series circuit, they have same voltage and current.
so if we change one of them, the other will be changed.
and so do green and blue.

Thank You guys for your inputs, I really appreciate it.

Now I understand why is there a limitation.

I wish a nice day to all.

Philips Hue LED strip are digital. and you can buy Digital RGBW light strips and controller from amazong.