3 days and frustrated

I got my YEELIGHT LED Bulbs on Thursday. I plugged them in, set them up, connected to Alexa. I’m Happy.

I wake up Friday morning to my bulbs being offline. I reset them, but now am concerned. Works fine through Saturday.

I wake up this (Sunday) morning. Bulbs are offline. I am able to easily reset, but I am ready to return them. This is the chance to stop that. I have had the bulbs 3 days. 2/3 of those days they have gone offline overnight. My network is strong. The bulbs are in line of sight of the router. Even if there is a short network outage, my router or modem reboot for updates, etc, the bulbs should reconnect. If my fridge can reconnect, anything should be able to… I bought the bulbs because the switch is in a strange and inconvenient spot for us.

How do I fix this?

Did you try setting fixed IP adresses (reservations) for bulbs on your router?

OK, I’ll try that.

That´s a problem of your router or something else. I have the bulbs for one year and never have gone offline by itself.