3 ceiling light cannot update firmware

Hi, need your help.
I use yeelight app to connect two light, firmware version 1.4.2_152
It unable to update to lastesr firmware version 1.4.8_168.
My id is 1701916527
Another ceiling light keep blinking, not able to connect to yeelight at all.
Urgently need your advise how to resolve this issue.
Already change the location to China, still unable to update firmware.
Please help. Thanks

Already tried a couple of times to reset the ceiling light by

  1. Delete the IOS app, and reinstall the yeelight app. Verison
  2. Reset the ceiling light (on & off 5 times till the ceiling light blink)
  3. Select the location to Mainland
  4. Re-discover the ceiling light.
  5. Manage to connect 3 lights, but all 3 lights can’t update firmware to latest 1.4.8_168 (current firmware is 1.4.2_152)
    The firmware update keep stuck at 30% then after that say upgrade firmware failed, so far, I have not read anybody face with such situation from the forum.
  6. 2 lights are working fine without the update, but one light keep blinking. after a while, the ceiling light disconnect and unable to work on the yeelight app anymore. As I read that is due to the firmware issue.

Hence appreciate your advise to resolve this issue soonest. Thanks.

China mainland server encounter some issues, so firmware update will fail. Could you try to connect to Singapore or US server and run the firmware update?

For that blinking one, please leave it off (cut the power) for a while and then re-configure it.

Hi weiwei,

Thanks for your reply. Finally manage to upgrade all 3 ceiling lights using Singapore server.