220V White Bulb with 2700K?

It is planned to provide 220V White Bulb with 2700K? As I understand it’s only 4000K now, and it’s too blueish for non working spaces (hall, bedroom, etc).

Right now I’m thinking of buying color lamps instead and just set it to permanent 2700K mode as default.

Sorry, the current available White bulb only have two types: 110v 2700K and 220 4000K.

Okay, another short question, are you planning to integrate IFTTT to China server OR ability to add other devices (gateway, buttons) to Singapore server? (second better, Singapore server much much faster for me)

Right now it’s IFTTT vs other sensors and physical buttons choice for me.

And all IFTTT compatible sensors and buttons are so expensive (Logitech POP, huh)

We are not going to integrate IFTTT to China server because most of the IFTTT users are not Chinese users, Singapore server will provide a much faster response.
I believe other Xiaomi products will support Singapore server or IFTTT very soon.

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Great, thanks!

really looking forward for this especially gateway & sensors support in singapore server. :grin:
i’m moving away my smart home setup from wink hub to mi smart home system mainly for the cost and list of products useful for me.