2 x YEELIGHT Lightstrip + Room + Flow = Colors out of sync... :-(


In the Android app I created a Room and added my 2 YEELIGHT Lightstrips. I then set it to use the Flow scene with max (100) brightness and the slower (1) speed.
Everything works great at the beginning, both lightstrips show and change colors at the same pace…

…but after some minutes (20 more or less) the lightstrips start to drift apart… the lightstrips slowly start to show slightly different tones of color… and after another 20 minutes one lightstrip is showing red and the other is showing blue… they get completely out of sync… it is as if one lightstrip is faster than the other…

Can one lightstrip be faster than the other ? It doesn’t make any sense…
Please remember that both lightstrips are “paired” in a Room using the same Flow (speed) settings…

The whole purpose of Rooms isn’t to sync different lightstrips (and lamps) together so they have the same behavior all the time ?

Am I making something wrong ?
What could be making one lightstrip flow “faster” than the other ?

Well I would appreciate your thoughts and help about this…

Thank you and best regards.

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They will start to drift apart after longer time, shorter scenes should be ok… Yo can’t realistically expect to run scene for an hour and that everything will be in sync. You can, but you’d have to send the commands manually by yourself from the API, and even then you’d have the latency of your router and wifi… who knows how scenes work, probably they send the whole scene to the bulb and from then on, the bulb does everything itself… and the CPUs probably react a bit slowly etc. SO yes, the only way is to run your own app and send API commands…

…so I guess devs/staff have nothing to add to this… it’s a shame.

I guess I will wait for the Yeelight Plus (if that even exists) or try different solutions from other manufactures.

Thanx anyway.

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I’ve 20m of RGBW LED strips linked end-to-end inside & outside with power supplies and signal amps every 5m so they’re synced. Everything else in the house is controlled by Alexa (all lights, heating cctv etc), including 9 Yeelight RGB LED Lamps, which are brilliant!
I’ve just bought a 1st Generation Yeelight lightstrip so I can include the led strips into Alexa control. I cut and reconnected the cable between the controller and the Yeelight strip to take a feed into a spare signal amp to the 20m LED length.
It works, but the colours sadly don’t match. Switching the red & green feeds improves it, but the red is on all the time. (Green was always on previously). Can’t seem to create a full blue.
If I can get it sorted, I’ll buy more Yeelight strips to use with other existing hidden LED strips in the house. Has anyone else tried this hack and had any success?

Hi, Dalanik is correct and “they send the whole scene to the bulb and from then on, the bulb does everything itself”. So for the devices to keep in sync with each other, the clocks equiped must have identical pace; but such precision is too luxurious for these low cost devices. Even if the clocks are in sync, there could be CPU intensive conditions (say when WiFi connectivity is a mess) under which the transition of colors could miss a tick.

Thanks for the feedback though, we will bear it in mind and see what we can do in future developments.

Repeating the command after a short is a recommended workaround for now.

I get the problem… but this problem exists since day one ! When was the Yeelight app first released ? This problem exists for how many years now ?

If the problem is known… if the workaround is known… why wasn’t it implemented yet ???

How difficult it is to make the app regularly check if all devices have the color synced up ?.. and if they are out of sync… slowly and gradually send commands to sync them up… how hard it is to implement something like this ?