Yeelight work with Google Home


Ok just tried it again


Are you sure use Yeelight actions ? could you please take me a screenshot?


Well Im just using the command “turnoff bedroom lights” which normally works until a few weeks ago. Can’t control them at all.


Are you sure this action name ?


Yes only 2 of them are real light bulbs all the other Yeelight devices on the list are scenes I have created in the Yeelight, a lot I have deleted but they are still on the list. Screenshot_20180910-045138_Google|243x500


OK, deleted successfully, please try tell GoogleHome sync devices later.


When? Or did you mean I can try now? Because the problem is still there. And I just realized that only 1 of my bulbs show up on the Google assistants Yeelight action list. The other 8 are just old scenes I created with the Yeelight app and deleted


We have deleted all those dirty data under your account. Please try again to sync your google home with Yeelight, you can simply say “ok google, sync my devices”.


I tried using “sync my devices” command and nothing changed. I unlinked my Yeelight account and linked it again, still nothing changed.



Please try re-link account, i’ll check logs for you.



Ok I did. Problem still there


OK, fixed. please open GH app check it. Remember you linked account real MI id is 1688757200 and not 1680356878.


But the MI ID on Yeelight is 1680356878. I just looked.


look at GH app, scenes display normal ?


Nope. Still missing 1 light, and have extra/old scenes I deleted from Yeelight app months ago.



I have a V2 color bulb which I named as Kitchen Light and put the location in Google Home as kitchen. However, I recently moved this bulb out from the kitchen into another room and renamed it as Bedside Lamp, but when I use voice command to turn on/off kitchen lights in the plural form, this bulb still responds by turning off/on thinking it is still a kitchen light.

Can you let me know what can I do so that I doesn’t respond when I voice command to turn off/on the kitchen lights again? I suspect it may have to do with its data info being retained inside Yeelight’s server and it is unable to update its new name and location despite me having change it.



I think it’s a google bug, you can feedback it to google.



How do i feedback to google on this? Are you able to provide a link for me to do so?



Hi! I have a problem trying to add Yeelight to Google Home. When I do login nothing happens, redirects to apps list in Google Home.

Can you help me, please. My id is 1877354019 with German server and I’m from Spain.