Yeelight work with Google Home


Hi guys, how does the scene choosing works? Lets say I have saved my favourite scene in yerloght app called xbox. I ask my google home assistant “Activate scene xbox” and she says something that she doesnt know what to do. So what to do?


“activate Xbox” should be enough. If that doesn’t work then try to make it work through routines menu of google assistant. Second option has the advantaged that you can say a custom command like “let’s play a game” to activate your scene…


Thx for help I found where was a problem. You need to add all this scenes to your google home profile when you adding your yeelight profile and after that everything works.


sorry, I don’t get you. What you mean by “add all this scenes to your google home profile”?


Normally when you add your yeelight profile to the google home app (it is your google profile) after succeessful adding there is an option which lamp and in which room you want to assign them. I have in this choosing menu possibility to add there scenes too. And now when I say “activate xbox” it works.


You need to setup SCENE named as “xbox” in Yeelight app, then say “OK google, sync my devices” will sync those new added SCENES to google. And then, you are ready to go!


Google Home 1 month ago started to work in Spanish language …

But I think I found two bug in Spanish language

1.- When asking to change to yellow (Amarillo) color the lights turn green.
2.- When I change to a white color or a cold white color there is no problem, but when I ask (Spanish language) a warm white it changes me to a blue white.

I have 5 color bulb (V.2) and 1 ligthstrip and everyone has the bug


This should be a problem for Google assistant recognition, i will feedback to Google support team.


I can connect my Googlehome to my yeelight colour bulb however when I say the command google home says that the light isn’t set up yet . Please help thanks


Please tell me your MI ID and try re-link on GoogleHome App.


My MI ID is 1779381312 thanks


THX :slight_smile:


OK, i recorded your MI ID, please try link it again later, i will see the logs.


Might be a stupid question but how the hell do I link my yeelights to that Xiaomi account? I’m not even sure the account I created on Xiaomi is related to YeeLights… Any details about that end?

Here is what I see on that website:


I have some questions:

  1. Can you update the Yeelight Action to make the Google Home response less wordy.
    Example: when asking GG home to turn off the light
    “Hey GG, turn the bed room light off”
    I expect the GG just turn the lift off and say “OK” to confirm.
    Now, it always give a long resonse: “You got it, turning the Yeelight Color bulb off”
    Come on, it talks too much.

  2. I also notice that there is a big latency when asking the GG home to interact with Yeelights comapre to Amazon Echo
    I have an amazon echo and when asking it to turn on the light for example, it almost immediately do it (1 second later) but GG home always take few seconds more.

My yeelight was connect to Singapore server and I’m located in Vietnam.



Both issues are related to Google Home, it’s all beyond our control. Both Alexa and Google Home use the same service provided by Yeelight, the latency should be the same from our side.


Any chance I get some help ?


Hi, flegare,
If you want control Yeelight devices, you need a xiaomi account to login.


I have the same issue as Bobby233. When I try to use Google Assistant to control my lights, it tells me my lights are “not set up yet” or “there was an error and I’m unable to control your home device.” My lights were were working fine until a few weeks ago and nothing I try fixes my problem. I reset them. I relinked my account. :confused: My MI ID is 1680356878


I recorded your Mi ID, please try control devices, i can see logs to check it.